New Zealand, Redefined

Hey everyone!

I have been thinking recently about New Zealand recently and conducted some flights in the region. I was thinking about you guys and got some cool edits off of some of these to share with community members. Enjoy all! Also,
feel free to save any image you wish.


On the ground at NZAA. Lot’s of traffic at this time.


Airbus A320-200 touching down at NZQN (Queenstown, NZ).

Boeing 787-9 rotating and initiating a climb out of NZAA (Auckland, NZ).


@AsternAviation couldn’t find another gate to park in at the end of one of his Trainee’s sessions.

I hope you all have found an image you enjoy, and this post sheds some light on nature all around the world! I encourage everyone within the next week to fly to one destination that is new, and is more oriented towards experiencing nature!

Have a nice afternoon all, and a like would be greatly appreciated.