New Zealand (mainly) Bug Smashing

Hi everyone,

Loving the latest update and all the new features! Not sure if it’s just me - but have noticed a couple quirks with the latest update, specifically flying around NZ/Pacific:

  • NZQN seems to be missing (nearly) all of the approach’s charted.
  • NZMF now appears to be inside a mountain.
  • The weather seems to be pulling from multiple sources? A few times so far today I’ll be 100nm out planning my arrival with pretty straightforward winds, only to be experiencing something completely different on finals with a tailwind that isn’t reported anywhere (the ACARS supporting my initial approach).
  • When manually building a flightplan across long distances - finding fixes by scrolling the direct routing doesn’t seem to work anymore? I mean ‘technically’ it does - it just takes 20+ seconds to load each square of the map at a zoom where fixes are visible - this used to be less than a second and made scrolling the direct routing to find your fixes a pretty easy way to do it (just try building NZAA-YSSY and finding the waypoints manually is almost needle-in-haystack territory). Any chance this load rate can be improved to pre-update speeds, or even better a setting to make them visible at a much lower zoom (ie visible with 1000nm on the map?) (And I know there are easier ways to build a flightplan outside the app however in this part of the world so many are missing or are mapped to another part of the world, a simple 3hr, 6 waypoint Trans-Tasman crossing ends up being a global odyssey with three waypoints and one of them in Russia…)

Thanks for any quick tips or clarification if there are works in progress!


Hey there! Glad that you’re loving the update! Infinite Flight truly outdid themselves with this one!

Your bullet point answers in order:

  • NZQN is indeed missing approaches. This is known to the Staff and Development Team and will be addressed! Nice find!

  • NZMF… Yup seems so - members of the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team have tried to fix this issue with now prevail! The issue seems to lie with how steep the terrain is there and probably won’t be fixed until Infinite Flight works on terrain rendering and that of sorts

  • To my knowledge, weather pulls from one main provider. Before you arrive at the airport, click on the airport dot and pull up its tag. Once you’ve done that, if applicable, go to the airport’s weather (WX) and check what it is reporting in the METAR. Plan your approach by that because it’s normally correct. If you find this issue again, screen record it and upload it onto the IFC (via YouTube, Google Drive, etc).

  • This is a question that I won’t even begin to answer - Yes, It’s a known issue. To give you a reasoning behind the slow loading times of fixes and the overall update of the Navigation system, I’ll tag @Cameron and he can better explain it for you.

If you have any further questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

Thanks @Balloonchaser, appreciate your help!

Had an example of the weather bug, this was coming into YPDN, on what should have been an 8kt crosswind, instead it was a 14kt tailwind. Interestingly, when flying the ‘correct/actual’ weather did display (ie 14kt tailwind) on the HUD, conflicting with the METAR. However, in the replay the weather reading has now corrected to the METAR, however you can see from the speeds (142IAS, 157GS) the bug at play.

You know that metar are published at certain hours right?

If at 1200Z winds are 05014kts nothing says they won’t be 13010kts at 1243Z

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