New Zealand Cyclone Hola (Windy Conditions)

Hey guys,
New Zealand will be starting to feel rather effects of cyclone Hola as it reaches North of New Zealand, this will be expected to bring some strong winds (Category I Cyclone) , so you can get your hurricane hunters out and fly on down to Middle Earth

(Put this in general instead of RWA because I’m talking about in IF)


Like I said before. This will be the first named Cyclone to hit New Zealand, Bola was downgraded to a TC, but this is still a Cat 1 Hurricane. And its not being downgraded anytime soon.


So, its expected to be 3?

Lets be honest though… When is it not this Windy in New Zealand?!?


No, its a Cat 1, and will remain a Cat one until it makes landfall

Ok, makes sense, thanks

Quite a bit ;) apart from if your talking about wellingtion it’s always windy as wind channels between the 2 islands.

Just a reminder this is tomorrow. Like the other storm. Apart from it’s now the north island.

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It’s happening today Folk, come on down in your hurricane hunters and have some fun weather fun!

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