New YouTuber first stream please support

I’m starting a YouTube channel. Pls check it out. Did my first stream.
Server: solo
Time: 50 min
Route: klax to ksfo


Nice video!

Lets talk about that Landing though, shall we? 😂

Keep It up!


Thank you very much. Um I kinda forgot to idle my throttle I’m stupid for that.

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yeah when that happens I would reccomend a go around, but none the less great video!

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Ya that’s was my fault. It’s unacceptable from a grade 3 pilot

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its fine really, now you know better for next time ; )

It’s nice! Maybe add some music or sound when flying.

Interesting - next time remember to idle dat throttle


Ok thanks for the feed back

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Yep never forget that again

Nice video, I know you’ve had a lot of people saying this but remember to idle the power, the quote I alway go with is “when in trouble go around”

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I should have done that

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Don’t worry tho we all make mistakes

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