New YouTube videos (post them here)

**READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING: **Post your new latest YouTube videos about aviation from your channel here.
The videos can be of IF or real world aviation or anything aviation related.

Instead of making a new topic for new aviation YouTube video you made on your channel, post it here. Then we don’t clutter up other topics/make new topics on the forum to show your new YouTube video (even though that doesn’t happen a lot). Plus it’s a place where people can go to check out other forum members latest videos easily and in one place. Don’t know if this a good/bad idea.
Thanks guys! 😀

EDIT: Ok Cool. Sorry. I understand :-)

Isn’t it better to have a topic per video? Like “Emirates A380-800 landing at DXB” instead of having a topic entire topic dedicated to all of them?

I have a strong feeling that topics like this are only for likes/replies.


No it’s not. It would be one place where other forum members can acces YT vids easily.

I NEVER do anything just for the likes/replies!


Plus it’s so it doesn’t clutter up the forum.

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I think that’s you love EK and DXB ;-) Me too ! I’m absolutely in ❤️❤️ With EK & DXB ;-))


Exactly my opinion on what Henrik says. Also theres no structure or possibility to search for the specific video. So no point in this.

How many topics per day do you open dude?

I’m so sorry guys! thought this would be a good idea. Never mind 😞

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Creating individual topics for each aviation video isn’t cluttering the forum. By cluttering the forum, we mean posting an abundance of topics (specifically feature requests) within a short time.

Our goal is to increase positive activity and encourage meaningful contributions. Condensing everything into topics with thousands and thousands of replies would be counter productive. :)