New YouTube Video

I just posted my first YouTube video in awhile. It was me flying a CRJ700 from Los Angeles to San Diego, CA. My video is 40 mins long and is just of a passenger view. So please go like and sub for more videos!

Thanks for watching!

Also if you guys could help I’m thinking of doing a livestream I just need to figure out how to do it


Good job!

Gives a different style to Infinite Flight YouTube videos! If you do it for a longer time, I suggest a time-lapse of some speed!

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yeah i was going to speed it up but it made the sound weird

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Ya, I’ve noticed that too when I do timelapses! I usually just take the sound out for the flight and insert some chill music!

Then for takeoff and landing I’ll resume it full speed and have the sound!

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Ok thanks for the help I’m going to start doing that then

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PM me if you have any questions! Been a while since I’ve made a video, but I still know how to!

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Ok thank you!

I haven’t seen the whole video, but it’s very cool!

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thank you!