New YouTube video

Hi I just posted my first YouTube video please like and subscribe.
If you could put some suggestions for the channel or videos that would be great

@moderators don’t like these topics…


Good luck for your channel

Have a nice journey ;-)

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You might want to link your account on here so other community members can see it and subscribe your channel or leave a like in your video. Thanks alot for your cooperation =)

Anyway, Awesome video! Keep up the good work ;)


If they shut it down they shut it down I guess

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I think it’s cool of you to want to create a YouTube channel and post your IF insights (however small, maybe). There is still a long way to go, but I wish you good luck.

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Thanks for the support.
I am just starting out and every video will be better

Interesting video:

Please turn up the brightness on the recording device

Try and get a better quality screen recorder

Try not to taxi through grass and swerve across the taxiway

When the Delta was on the runway you should of called a go around, not landed into it, which is very irresponsible


I did not see home till i was doing the editing the video
I stuffed up the taxing to
All things i will work on

That’s not a valid excuse at all, he was clearly visible and had a name tag and box

It is clear you simply didn’t want to go around

Yep ok it is just hard because i was cleared to land

It’s not hard, you go into ATC menu and hit go around

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Yes i know i am sorry and will go around next time

Please post in the proper place. I recommend sharing content that sets a better example for others. Thanks!