New YouTube Video | Memphis Plane Spotting with new MD-11F

New Memphis Plane Spotting featuring the new MD-11F

Please check it out!


Was this video taken on Live or Solo?

By the looks of it, it was solo, but I tried something like this before the global days, never finished it, but you motivate me to do it again! And what would make it better would be captions like
“FedEx sporting the old livery on a DC-10 heading to Washington DC”

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Yes it was solo. I can’t do it on live

Well… If you’re on the Expert Server, find a busy airport, go to parking, and turn on the free cam. You’ll be surprised how many great landings and takeoffs you can see. :)


I never though about that. Thanks!

Too many MD-11Fs. change it up a bit :)

Thats just how memphis is since we dont have fedex A300, b757, b767, atr.

I checked it out. It was good.

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Hmmm, I wonder why Memphis looks like this then…



It’s great, nice job! 👏👏👏

You have great editing skills!

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