New Youtube Channel-IF Gaming and Planespotting

Welcome Back, Community. Today, I have some Planespotting footage to show off from ABE (Again!) Anyways, I recently booted up a new YT channel. I do IF gaming, try other flight sims, and IRL Planespotting. Feel free to check it out!

The Video:

I will be trying to get EVEN more planepotting at ABE as soon as I get the oppertunity.

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If he’s going to update this thread everyweek with new videos to share, then I don’t see the problem to why he shouldn’t. I understand that placing similar content into one thread lessens the amount of threads there are. But that just ruins the vibe of wanting people to look at what you’re done because not many people are going to go through tons of videos.

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There are lots of threads simular to this, I don’t see anything wrong with it…

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I actually read one a couple months back. It’s okay if this gets closed, I put my channel on the other one. But since I plan to do videos weekly to every 2 weeks or less, I agree with them.

Hi! It’s been a while… I just uploaded a new video! Awesome KC-10!

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