New YouTube channel emerges!

Hello I’m PilotJacob and with the efforts of me and @Callum_King we’ve started a new, unique YouTube channel.

The channel is called Infinite Flight Enthusiasts and is linked below as well as our introductory video.

So you may be asking what makes this channel different to all the other IF channels out there, well first of, it’s ran by 2 people and possibly more in the future. The channel is focused on giving tutorials for Infinite Flight, occasional livestreams, event announcements (such as the upcoming RAF BZ event @Callum_King is running.), IF development news, plane spotting videos from in and out of the sim and other topics as they arise.

Callum will mainly be the face of the channel, presenting and recording the footage for the tutorial videos. Whilst I edit and manage the channel. But everything is subject to change.

I hope everyone will enjoy the content we put out in the next few months and beyond. Happy flying!


This is going to be a lot of fun!


That’s so cool! I’d love to chip in if you guys ever need any help. Specifically with the ATCportion ;)


Nice mate love the enthusiasm of the YT!


Also I subbed


Really looking forward to your vids!!


Good luck! (Subscribed)

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Nice channel I subbed

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I subscribed. Looking forward to seeing more of your awesome vids 😎😎

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