New York turbulence

Is it just me, or is the turbulence at New York so extreme? My plane is experience G’s of around 2 and 0, and I’m following a real life route to KBTV at the real life altitude. What should I do? is your friend, winds can be heavy at cruise!
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What wind speed are you getting?

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Oh yeah, that was weird. Did not mean to put that there…

128 knots, which seems normal at this altitude, but my plane is suffering from extreme turbulence. It’s always in the NY area I get this

@Kevin_Potthast I’ve just checked on and there doesn’t seem to be heavy winds on my route to KBTV

What altitude are you at?

Turbulence isn’t cause by wind FYI 😉


Ya flying a headwind or tailwind or crosswind

Ok, so my route is GREKKI JUDDS CAM at 26000.

At FL240 winds going near NY are peaking at 140knots blowing to the East. Turbulence is common later in the day when the sun begins heating up the air as well.

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Ahh, I meant turbulence! It’s 2AM here and I’m so blur, sorry

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I’m like 70 miles due South of KSYR right now flying 271 degrees M (are headings given in M or T??), facing a 278 degree M 114 knot headwind with up to 2G’s of turbulence

I am in NY. Wind isn’t bad and there isn’t even any wind actually.

Is that wind on ground or in flight?

I recommend you fill our PIREP.

Yes, an arctic airmass is over the eastern/central U.S., and the strong WNW winds are accompanying it.

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