New York to North Carolina

I Did a flight from Westchester County, New York to Charlotte, North Carolina in a Delta Boeing 717-200
Flight Information
Aircraft: Boeing 717-200
Livery/Airline: Delta Airlines
Flight Time: 1Hour and 26 Minutes
Departure Airport: KHPN
Arrival Airport: KCLT
Server: Expert

  1. Parked at Gate 04 at KHPH

  2. Takeoff Runway 16 at KHPN

  3. Cruising at FL320

  4. Landing Runway 18C at KCLT

  5. Parked at Gate B10 at KCLT


I’m guessing the landing wasn’t butter?

You’re right. It was also a hard one

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Nice job on your photos! Best ones I have seen in a while

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Really really nice!!!

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That’s why the 717 needs a rework!


Such a beautiful and under appreciated plane… We need this thing to get reworked!

That is my local airport! Nice choice. I actually flew out of there earlier not to mention! Well, I do not live in Westchester but the town over from it (it is the nearest airport to me and all the traffic on right base runway 10 I am pretty sure goes over my house haha).

Fun fact, the global HQ of IBM is right up the road, and IBM flies their Gulfstreams out of there.

In image 1, It should be KHPN

Nice shots would love the 717 rework anyhoo nice work!

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