New York To Nigeria!



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He can do what ever he wants to do. Please be kind (:

Fantastic Pictures! Maybe I should try this route!


It’s just my opinion.

It’s nice picture of the sun. Hope you had a great flight and landed safely :)

Also, @Philippe_Gilbert, just to reassure, he is allowed to fly whatever aircraft and airline he prefers. To be realistic or not is up to each individual, and sort of semi-encouraged but in the end it is the pilot him/herself who chooses what to do and not to do.

Now if you’d like to further discuss this matter then PM, although there is not much else to say than he/she decides over his/her own flight, thank you.


This makes it seem more demanding. Let’s just appreciate how fantastic these photos are and stay on topic (:


Sorry, again i’m not trying to be mean. I’m just telling my opinion.

Why does it matter what airline I fly? Ethiopian Airlines originates from the African continent so I can service with it as I please.

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Thank You!


It was a wonderful flight, managed to stay awake the whole time too! :)


Nice! How long? I might try that route out.


The first time I did this flight, I was at 345 Knts (testing speed limits) and the flight was 9 hours and 38 minutes! However, this time it was 14 hours and about 30 minutes at 280-290 Knts!

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Remember to sleep when necessary. It’s not a bright idea to be awake for too long. Happy to hear that all went fine. Take care :)

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Hey Mate. Love your photos, like everyone else does. Just thought I’d pull out this point, it’s what Misha wants, and it is best to keep it I’m mind for next time. 👍


Dang I always sleep and make sure my alarm is close to ears whenever am doing a long haul 😂

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I’ll definitely keep this in mind next time, thank you!

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Definitely, I value sleep but some flights I love to observe the wonderful scenery the IF Editors have gifted us with! :)


That is very true, the scenery in IF is stunning and to very high detail. Amazingly done, and definitely can’t be missed to view.

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