New York to Memphis!

I just finished my flight from New York to Memphis. This is my first time posting photos from my flight. Let me know if I need to fix anything.
Flight Time: 2 hours, 58 minutes I was flying a bit slow
Aircraft: MD-11
Server: Training
Callsign: FedEx 869 Heavy

Filling up with cargo at JFK

Holding short of the runway with a very realistic Ethiopian Dash 8-Q400 landing

Rotating out of JFK


Getting ready to land

On final for 36C

Touchdown! not the smoothest landing

Unloading at parking.

I was spotted by @Captain_Colten
Thanks to ATC. I’m not sure who was at JFK but @anon57683537 , thanks for the ATC at Memphis!
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Best sentence of the entire topic. 🤣


Nice topic, I enjoyed the pictures! You did everything right btw :)

Thanks @CollinFlys
And thanks to everyone that voted!

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@ztoastednoodle I was flying for KJFK when I did the math wrong on my CRJ 700 and got the fuel wrong and had to divert to KPHIL. I saw your name and laughed. Great name!

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I love the 3rd picture since the BA A318 makes it look very realistic.

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British Airways does operate transatlantic service with an A318. 42 seats (I believe), all business class. LCY-SNN(due to weight restrictions at LCY)-JFK. Return flight is nonstop. BA1/2.

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I am already aware of that.

Thats true but he’s not behind the hold short line so its not super realistic.

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