New York To Jakarta

Hello Infinite Flight Community, On 8/15/2019, I’ve Performed The Longest Flight That I Have Ever Done In My Infinite Flight Career. Which Is From New York To Jakarta Flying Through The Pacific Ocean Rather Than The North Pole. Down Below I Put The Flight Info And Some Pictures Of My Flight.

KJFK(New York)-KLAX(Los Angeles): 4:52
KLAX(Los Angeles)-WIII(Jakarta): 16:07

Total Flight Time From KJFK(New York)-WIII(Jakarta): 20:59
Total Flight Distance From New York(KJFK) To Jakarta(WIII): 10,593NM
Speed: Mach 0.86
Cruising Altitude: FL350

Parked at Terminal 4 At KJFK

View Of New York City After Takeoff

Desending Into Los Angeles To Refuel

Parked At KLAX Refueling

Taking Off From KLAX

Flying Somewhere Over The Pacific Ocean

Flying Over Hawaii

Flying Over The Marshall Islands

Landing At Jakarta

Parked At Terminal 3 At Jakarta


Please limit pictures to only 10. Thanks


Limit 10 photos, but I like all of them!

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Just did that, Thanks for reminding me

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Your welcome, those are some nice pics!

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Nice pics! Some how I did NZAA-EGLL nonstop it was 21:16. I had 6% fuel left.


when i landed, i only had 12% of fuel left

Oh Wow. This Is Very Cool And A Very Long Flight. Very Impressive. I Saw You ON Liveflight And It Was When You Took Off From New York And For Some Reason It Said You Were Going Straight To Jakarta, And I Remember Thinking “He Gon’ Die” 😂 LoL.
TeeHee My Capital Letters 🤪


lol im surprised

i knew i wasnt gonna make it to Jakarta nonstop thats why i did a KLAX connection