New York to Doha

These are some screenshots I captured on my journey from New York to Doha,I hope you like them!

A7-TGS (Qatar Airways A350-900), New York to Doha on the training server, Flight time: 11 hours 46 minutes.



Make sure to meet all requirements:

There are still callsigns visible and you have too much pictures.

im sorry they arent in order

how do i hide the callsigns

there is an option in the settings under LIVE

thanks :D
ill change it now, but do i have to take down the post

Go to replays and just press the photo button. They’ll automatically disappear then.

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uh i dont think so but we will leave that up to the mods

ok next time ill make sure not to have aircraft showing

Or maybe you can just leave the photos wich have no callsigns visible and delete the other ones

you can show aircraft just not their names and the Boxes

how can i edit the post

There is an Icon of a pencil underneath your first post.

thanks i did that


Nice photos!

You still have way more then 10 photos. Anyway you could take down 2 of them to equal 10. And on one of the photos, as someone mention. There’s a part of text from the game displaying the Next WPT. Can you crop it out possibly?