New York to Athens in 10 replay screenshots

Taken in flight order - 1 being departure and 10 arrival. Very difficult to limit to the 10 on this one as the scenery was so good, but rules are rules.

We’re being powered into the sky by 2 mustard General Electric CF6-80E1A2 engines on this journey, courtesy of a 3 year old Delta Airlines A330-301. We departed out of John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York, USA (KJFK: JFK) bound for Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos, Athens, Greece (ATH: LGAV) and were almost fully loaded with passengers and their cargo (plus 3 cats in transit).

It was a reasonably busy airspace on the expert server over New York with quite a few others in the skies going about their business but after straight out departure we were able to clear the area smoothly and safely, heading out into the abyss of the North Atlantic. Not much to see other than hour after hour of water and the occasional vessel here and there. Our super realistic route took us through set waypoints curving through the United Kingdom pacing on through Germany, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and cruising the Serbia/ Montenegro/ Kosovo North Macedonian landlocked down into Greece touching the Aegean sea.

The A330 then. Great plane, well made - an excellent choice by Delta for such a route and flight time. Capable, solid and its first flight in 2016 makes it a pretty new build. No complaints of broken furnishings in the cabin and the cabin crew looked after the passengers and myself and very well. The 3 cats were reunited with their owner in the terminal shortly after. She had moved to Athens recently but had to leave them behind for a short time to allow checks and fly all her stuff over. They were meowing and pleased to see her and some solid ground after just over 9 hours in the air.

Good times.






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Breathtaking pictures…