New York state of mind

Hello Newark!
747-8 (Lufthansa 2018 livery)
Frankfurt - Newark
6.5 hours
Server: expert

Taking off Frankfurt


Approaching Newark Liberty

Landing Newark window view

Hello NYC!!




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Love that photos!!🤩
Glad to see that Queen back on IFC

tailstrike… 👀

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There’s also this song, which is even more appropriate.

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That tailstrike’s gonna leave a mark.

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at what time did you land because i vaguely remember seeing a 747 at newark while i was taking off to brussels

it’s impossible to not tailstrike the 748 when it’s heavy

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There is this magical thing called FLAPS

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i know i know but it’s just so annoying to take off because of how easy it tail strikes

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Yeah it is quite easy, but practice makes perfect.