New York, New York

Welcome! Today, it was quite foggy but I decided to drive up to LaGuardia because, believe it or not, I actually like e-jets and 737s!
So please enjoy this very cropped pictures taken with an old lens that is still going strong.

To start off, we are going to be summoning @NonStopsAviation with this beautiful A220 from PBI!

Wow, seems like we are also going to be summoning @Anthony_Gulluscio with this E175 straight from Sarasota!

Chicago oh Chicago… I hope we have you back in class Bravo airspace soon

@Mort is gonna need a tag with this A321 from MSP!

Wide skyline shot

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Great photos here!

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Personally, I don’t consider it an Airbus but I do like the pic and especially the airport it’s coming from! :)


Good spotting session, and some great pics!

Ik you said you like the Beatles earlier, Paul McCartney was in New York yesterday to celebrate the opening of his photo exhibit in Brooklyn- I’m keeping my eye out for departing cooperate flights back over the pond here at jfk (unless he already left), i recommend you do the same for LaGuardia! It would be sick if you could catch it! Although, LaGuardia flights aren’t allowed to leave a certain range, right?

Edit: he might have left today actually bc that range rule doesn’t apply on Saturdays

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For a second I thought the vote was which photo was your favorite so I clicked 1 and accidentally brought down the score 💀. Don’t worry I put it on 4 after I figured that out 😂.


Nice shots! Love the last one with the skyline in the back. Nice work!

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How did you get the “real world aviation” thing??

I think you have to be a member to access it: you are still a basic user: comment, like, and you’ll be there in no time! It took me like a week

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ah thank you

Anyone can access the sub spotting category in the RWA category but for normal topics you do need to be TL2

Edit: nvm they can’t

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Me too. I call it the adoption plane… if ykyk, lmao…


That’s one way to put it 😂

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It is 😆
🇨🇦 ✈️ ➡️🇫🇷✈️

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