New York-London on the Queen @ KJFK - 231900ZSEP18

Hello there!
*With this event Tailwinds invites you to fly with us the most classic Trans-Atlantic Route! This event takes place one week from this Sunday and will last 6-7 hours. These 2 airports are located in cities that have long been connected before air travel through Oceanliners (some of which are still in operation) that would trace the oceans with each liner trying to beat records of fastest crossing! So, Tailwinds invites you to join us on this flight!
Flight Details:
Departure Airport: KJFK
Arrival Airport: EGLL
Time: 23rd of September 2018 at 1900Z (ZULU) Noon the 23rd (Pacific Time)
Server: Expert
Aircraft: British Airways 747-400
ETA: 6-7 Hours
NOTAM: Please respectful to eachother and watch out for each other and give eachother plenty of room for Taxi when on the ground. Try to maintain a 5nm-8nm distance between the aircraft in front of you!
Flight Plan:
Coming Soon! – Flight Dispatcher working on it

20: @Daniel14
22: @AlaskaAirfireball111
23: @JustflyM15

More gates will be added if needed

Interested in joining TFC? We would Love to ave you aboard! Just fill in an application and we will respond within 24 hours! Not sure? Check out our official thread for more details!


I will be glad to join! Sign me up for Speedbird 187 heavy. Any gate will do!


Signed you up! Check above

Do you want to come?

Would you like to join?

Can’t, I have a DFW event. Sorry, enjoy the event guys! :)

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Can you sign me up please?

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Of course! Signed you up so check above for your gate!

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