New York (JFK) - London Heathrow (LHR)| BA Boeing 747-400

Hello! Here are some photos of my flight from JFK to London Heathrow on the British Airways Boeing 747-400.

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
Flight Time: 5 hours 57 min

On the JFK ground

Departing from The New York in sunrise
Flying somewhere over the Atlantic ocean, and powered by four Rolls Royce engines and strong tailwinds, they gave me the incredible ground speed of 624 knots

Descending towards the Heathrow

And here the landing at the windy LHR

Arrived to the gate at Terminal 5

It’s really sad that British Airways has retired The Queen of The Skies from their fleet. Such a beautiful aircraft!


Nice shots mate ! It was nice to see the 747 flying this iconic route, sad that it isn’t the case anymore indeed…

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Thanks. They are a rare sight now, but luckily Lufthansa still have the newer and older 747’s.