New York (JFK) - Honolulu (HNL) Infinite flight Timelapse

Hey everyone! I just made a video that was from a flight from JFK to HNL using the A330-900 neo in IF! I hope you enjoy!

Route: JFK - HNL
Cruising: FL360
Aircraft: Delta A330-900

INFINITE FLIGHT 22.4: New York - Honolulu | A330-900neo - YouTube!


Was this on the Expert Server?

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Just finished watching it. Great video, great aircraft, great flight.

Good job!


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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed

Do you have a good tutorial on making these?

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Short answer:
1: good device (preferably an iPad)
2: good route
3: LOTS of time

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I’m assuming this over 7 hours of flying awesome job. What’s a good medium range route?

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Sydney - Perth is a nice flight