New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announces $10B plan to upgrade JFK airport

Today (Wednesday), Governor Cuomo announced a $10B plan to upgrade JFK airport. Some things that will be created are:
*connection of terminals
*upgraded security
*major road improvements (including one “ring road” that connects all the terminals)
*central parking garage in between the “ring road”
*more frequent AirTrain service
*expand taxiways
What are your thoughts on this? I just hope that the taxes don’t skyrocket to pay for all of this, as I live in New York as well. (Long Island to be specific)
You can see pictures/renders here:


I live on Long Island as well (in western Nassau County to be exact) and I also hope the price doesn’t skyrocket as it would affect the taxpayers indefinitely.

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This looks like it’s going to be quite the upgrade! I wish LAX would carry out a renovation project as large as this!


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