New York - Dallas | B777-200ER | Infinite Flight Multiplayer

Hello guys! @InfiniteFlightGeek here! Today I want to show all of you, my friend’s YouTube timelapse. He wanted to make an IFC account to share it with you but he couldn’t since his parents don’t allow him to. So he asked me to tell you guys to watch his videos for him! Please take a look at his video! Keep in mind there is no “timelapse” part he kept skipping 15 seconds since his editor could not speed up that fast.

Anyways hope you enjoy he also told all of you to leave a comment on it and subscribe to his channel! :D


Ah, the 777-200ER before it was reworked…

Tell him it was a nice video 😃


It was a great video. Good music and some nice scenes!

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Has your friend not updated to 20.1 or just an old video?

Tell him amazing video, hope me can have an IFC account soon :)

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It was an old video it was uploaded in April.