New York City “Loses” 1 Of It’s 3 Airports

New York City “Loses” 1 Of It’s 3 Airports


New York City has technically lost an airport. Uncommonly, but at times, people may have to make a connection between different airports - LGA-EWR or EWR-JFK. However, most ticketing systems will no longer allow this, after Oct 3, 2022.

On this date, EWR (Newark) will break from the NYC airport area, forming its own independent airport. If you have to change airports for Origin or Destination, you now cannot change from JFK to Newark or Newark to JFK. This will result in a fee on many airlines. (In the past, this would just have counted as a “same city airport change”)

Long story short, this will make the whole New York airport connection experience much different, and I’m interested to see how airlines like United will handle this, as they advertise EWR as “New York/Newark” on their website.


This is sad but it is technically in Newark so I guess it makes sense but it will still serve the NYC area


Given the airport sucks so much that even its name, IATA and ICAO codes have “ew” on them, the fact they wanted to suck even more comes as no surprise, right @Z-Tube?


How about they just make JFK bigger and get rid of Newark Or replace it with a new airport on Staten Island




There’s a little thing called “human population” and “money” involved in those.


sir money grows on trees and we have a decent amount of those


What happens to the folks who utilize EWR for their travels? I can’t imagine someone who lives in Central Jersey would be happy driving four hours to JFK to fly internationally.

A replacement in a different state, a mere two hours (we all know how traffic is) from the current location of EWR? That’s hardly a replacement.

Oh, yeah, money, too. It’s all about logistics and common sense. 💡


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Staten Island barely has room for an airport, let alone one big enough that could compliment JFK or replace EWR. And this isn’t even going into the money side of things or the fact Staten Island residents would definitely push back and fight this.


Or they could just fix Newark so it’s not the laughing stock of the airports

That’s not going to change anything…

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Let Newark have its own independent airport because Newark is not part of New York airports. It is in New Jersey and I don’t know why Newark is part of New York since it is in New Jersey. Newark is in New Jersey, not in New York.


Good, it’s a horrible airport anyways


Now people will finally understand that Newark is NOT New York!

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Kinda liked EWR so kinda sad to see but didn’t NYC lose one of its four airports? Those include LaTrashia, JFK, (formerly) EWR, and Stewart.

Newark is like MDW, LAX, LAS, MIA, BOS and EGLL. It has now where to expand and building a brand new airport takes time, money and labor that just doesn’t exist ATM

very interesting, interested to see how it all plays out in the end !!


I mean technically Newark is in New Jersey, not New York so I see the reason behind this change, still sad tho.

Those poor poor souls… :D

Interesting to see that is actually possible. Doesn’t actually make much sense to me, largely only for the population and anyone who only has the choice between United and United to get to the New York area (cause not New York), and need to continue to a destination not served by United (or any airline flying to Newark).

Smart for United though, adding so much more marketshare to their New York (ish) hub - I’d imagine most people wouldn’t want to go through the annoyance of transferring airports.

Meh, that’s my two sense anyway :)