New York ATC

Just to let everyone know, there is lot of ATC at New York today…

Taxing to runway at laguardia image

Making my first low visibility manual landing

Finds parking spots after a long taxi at Kennedy…

Lots of Calebs at this forum but one was tower and ground when I landed.

PS. Now know he was @planemadblog(Thanks @Captain_DJ)


He is Caleb?

Unfortunately they are using the wrong runways…

According to Flightradar24, the real world KJFK is now using 04L for departures and 04R for arrivals.

That’s the Caleb you’re after. :))

It was not really the controller’s fault because I was about 30 seconds to landing when ATC came in…there was a another controller during the starting of approach but I was not in his frequency long…

It’s actually no one’s fault, I’m just a fan of realism :)


Well why don’t you become an IFATC? Then you can sort out your own runways :))

is it me you are looking for?

Ask @anon66442947 ._.

Doesn’t he like you?

Yes (filler)