New York airports closed as heavy snow storm hits

Loads of planes are in holding patterns over the New York, ,Massachusetts area as a massive snow storm has caused chaos.


Yup, over 12 inches here in Massachusetts.

Don’t you mean snowstorm? :)

Yep I’ll change it now thanks for pointing it out

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Going to NH tomorrow via LHR-EWR-BOS, just keeping my fingers crossed it is not cancelled.


I live on Long Island and let me tell you, we have at least a foot of snow and the winds are crazy here. My local airport (Long Island MacArthur Airport) has cancelled all flights for today.


Are you sure? I don’t see any circles over Nova Scotia.

Well over that area. I think it’s somewhere near there. Maybe Massachusetts

This one is holding, and if you have seen the audio recording of this flight, you may recognize it.

It seems as if the ground stop at JFK and EWR have been lifted. However the ground stop at ISP and HPN remain in effect

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