New Years with Aviation Airways/Corporate @ EDDL - 011230ZJAN17 (Closed)

Server: Any Server

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EDLL

Time 12:30Z-0:30Z

NOTAM: If ATC is online, please be mindful, and obey all instructions given to you. This is a great opportunity to join our airline as well.

Welcome! We hope you’re having a good time flying with us! We would like to start a new year with an awesome idea, and I have decided to create this event for everyone at Aviation Airways, and for the public to attend! We will be flying out of our International Hub at EDDL (Terminal B is our main terminal at EDDL), and we hope to see you there! You don’t have to specifically have to be at EDDL, we welcome you to use our other hubs located in Honolulu, HI and Quad City, IL! If you plan on doing some sort of airshow display, please plan accordingly. We hope you will also have the opportunity to join our airline if you are interested in becoming a Commercial, Private, or Cargo Pilots. Thank you, and see you there!

Any Questions? Contact me, @JacobVanZanten, or @DeltaCRJ-900 for any questions
No Gates will be assigned.

Have a great School Break, and happy flying!


I will be there!

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Thanks to all that came to the event. The event is now closed.

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