New Years Professionalism ft. Expert Server

Happy New Year

Let me start by having context. Today I flew my C130 doing tac training and just for general fun on Expert Server. I took off from LGAV and buzzed some mountains doing steep banks and whatnot. I then decided to return to the airport and got denied due to the high amount of traffic so I decided to go for a challenge and take up a short field landing at LGKN and I was successful. I continued to fly around Greece and eventually ended up where I started at LGAV.

Enjoy the pics!

Disclaimer: I didn’t edit these to make them fancy cause I didn’t want to so don’t mind that. 🙃

How expert!
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Have a Happy New Year!!!


Profezionalizm indeed!

Happy new year:)

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You aswell!

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While I see your point, with the limited amount of controllers today, controllers had to control Tower and Ground, with most controllers giving more focus to Tower, because ground conflicts can easily be fixed by pilots. Unfortunately, many people want to go first and this cause the above conflicts.

Have a awesome New Year!

Lol it’s just a joke. IFATC shouldn’t have to monitor this especially on Expert Server. The pilots should know better. It had nothing to do with the controlling I had fantastic service all day today!

It is the responsibility for the ground controller to prevent ground conflicts, although most should be able to be soughted out by pilots, unfortunately some people ruin others experience by being unprofessional.

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I was at Athens yesterday, it was crazily busy, hats off to ATC for making it work. Some of it was very unproffesional, but that was mainly due to some pilots.


Thank you for stopping by at Heraklion yesterday! I was your controller.

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Occasionally adds to the comedy of the flight 😂
It’s something we have to deal and good to make the best of it!

I was the approach controller and I’m sorry I couldn’t get you back to the airport. Glad you had a good flight!

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No worries I made it back eventually 🙃

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