New Years Event @ EHAM - 011700ZJAN17

Server: Casual

Region: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Airport: EHAM

Time: 1700Z

Aircraft: Come in any 787 aircraft, but if you don’t have the 787 then any A321 of your choice.

NOTAM: This event is for celeberating the New Year 2017. Cruising speed- 300kts above FL100 and below FL100 is 240kts.In this event, we will be doing a flight going around the region of Amsterdam.We takeoff from EHAM. There will be several Low passes over airports and touch and goes. At the end of the event, We will be landing back to EHAM and after we end the flight, we will be sharing our screenshots!
After the takeoff from EHAM we will be climbing to FL420. We will start descending at EDLW. At METMA we should be at our approach altitude. Don’t remove the wheels as we are just going to do an extreme low pass (probably 10ft AGL) and then climb to FL30 (3,000ft) and then again at GIX10 we should be at our approach altitude. Again, we will be doing a similar low pass.Then, we climb vertically. After we finish our 2nd Low pass, we climb upto FL150.At EBGB begin the descent. Now, there will be a touch and go at EHRD . After that , We go to FL30 and then prepare for final approach. After our final approach, we share our screenshots! So, who’s in?
Parking: A32- @Tyler_Roblox_And_Mor
Parking: A34- Plane_Master_Cryptic
Parking: A35- Jet_Airways_995
Parking: A36- @Abhishek_Bhattachary
Parking: A37- @Jordan2
Parking: A41- @John_Bob
Parking: A43- @Oscar_Conklin
Parking: A45- @Dossym_Makhanov
Parking: A46- @anon91505560
Parking: A48- @Tolu_Ajibabi
Parking: A49- @Binesh_Ashokan
Parking: B13- @ODW
Parking: B15- MJL_aviation
Parking: B17- Kizzyjet
Parking: B20- ebukarthur
More parking slots will be added if needed
Comment below to reserve your gate


Would you not think it’s abit early to post this? We still have a month to go. This is just what I think personally, no hard feeling 👍🏻


It might be a bit early. We still have a full month and by the time New Years hits people will most likely not even remember this event. And for some it’s impossible to sign up this early becuase some real world events could be happening at New Years for them. So a recommendation would be to create an event for something like this about a week ahead of time. Just my $0.02. Have a great rest of your day.


While it might be early wouldn’t it be better to plan and know you have something coming up than try and fit it into your schedule last second by the time everything is set in stone.

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What time is 1700z? Sorry idk Zulu time.

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Which timezone do you follow?

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Seeing that you live in Florida , 1200Z as you’re -5 hours behind UTC time…

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So what time is UTC time? Sorry I am very dumb when it comes to things like this.


Also I follow eastern standard time

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No worries I shall PM you just to keep it from swaying to a off-topic conversation … 😊

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Okay, good! Because for the holidays I will get I tunes money and I will buy live and would like to participate in this event.


Yes I got live I will make it so excited!


Hope to see you in the event!

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14 days to go!

Yayyy! I am so excited!

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8 days for the event! Sign up now!

Hello Jet Airways! On New Year’s Day I am flying back from my trip to Maryland on Southwest flight 49 (4:45 p.m.-7:15 p.m.) I am pretty sure I will be able to make it it’s just anything can happen, but I am positive we will have an amazing New Years celebration! (Also times are in Eastern Standard Time sorry for leaving that out).

Noted and thank you for keeping me posted. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Thank you!

Can I have the first gate available please?