New years eve spotting!

Hello ppl, 2021 has been a crazy year for me, hopefully it was better for you all but since I have no life, I spotted on New Years Eve instead of getting wasted at a party, but yeah… Enjoy!

An Atlas Air 747-8 Getting ready to takeoff as a Korean Air 777-300 departs in the background

Next, a China Airlines 747-400F taxiing to South Cargo on a very special taxi route, I’ve never seen such a big plane use this route (topic coming next year)

A plane I’ve struggled to spot in the past is this Suparna 747, normally they get here at around midnight so this was quite lucky

Next up is an American 737 because this plane hit a jetbridge in Dallas if you look at the winglet (I think, maybe somewhere else)

Quite an interesting aircraft, I call it the baby 777

n o s e

This was the reason I came to spot, I did miss the Astrojet and Her Art Here California and I’m still dying inside from it

This plane needs a wash, cause it’s F I L T H Y

another n o s e

and finally, a plane from my place of birth, an Austrian 767-300 from Vienna

I hope you all enjoyed! Happy new year! And most importantly… stay safe… I’m serious, that new variant is spreading like a wildfire. Another thing to not look forward to in 2022!



Great pictures!

What airport was this at?

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Very nice pictures ❤️✅

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Ima guess Chicago

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That seems likely, as all the cargo ones fly between PANC and KORD.


And the Austrian 767 and Lufthansa 747 and they both serve Chicago and it can’t be EWR, IAD or JFK that also get the Austrian 767’s and LH 747’s

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