New Years Eve Group Flight! | 31DEC22

Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to announce that the New Years Eve Group Flight is looking on time! Please proceed to the gates by the 31st of December!

Yes guys! A News Year Eve Group Flight! Remember you can abbreviate the long title to NYEGF (which sounds like a stock exchange thing). Anyways, here is the summary:

The NYEGF event is an event where us community members will fly from different Southwest Airlines and United Airlines destinations in California to Denver, CO and have us all meet up there.

This will take place on expert server although, if there is ever demand for a lot more people to join, I can even allow others to represent this on other servers considering this is on New Years Eve.

Southwest planes may depart from these airports!

Los Angeles (KLAX)
Oakland (KOAK)
Burbank (KBUR)
San Fransisco (KSFO)

United planes may depart from these airports!

Los Angeles (KLAX)
San Fransisco (KSFO)

Of course, like I said before, there is no gate assignments but do note that gates could be limited at each airport if there is high attendance. If you want realism, you can find what terminal either Southwest or United uses at the departure airports. The arrival terminals will be listed down below if any of you would like to use these specifically.

Southwest uses Concourse C at KDEN
United uses Concourse A at KDEN.

If you are attending, click “Going”. If you have interest, please click “Interested”. If you sadly can not go, click “Not Going”.

Anyways, I hope you can join this event as it will bring much fun to the usually quiet airspace around KDEN! Always feel free to mention errors in my event post. Thanks!



you’ve got stocks now, @Generic_Flyer? What are they valued at?

Also this has a bit of my interest but i might be traveling that day, so hard to know

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Yeah, I could also change dates to earlier and call it something slightly different. But no, I got no stocks.

well switching to an earlier date definitely won’t work either for me

don’t let me control when the event is

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Alright then!

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