New Years Doha Flyout

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Hello everyone! Me and @BenjiTheBull will be hosting this New Years Flyout! On New Years Eve we will be flying out of Hamad Interenational Airport in Doha, Qatar. This airport is home to over 30 million passengers a year and serves to so many unique destinations around the world! Hope to see you in the skies!

Date and time:2023-12-31T15:00:00Z2023-12-31T15:15:00Z
Server: Expert
Airport: OTHH

Note: If you are interested in joining this event please let me know which gates you want to use and where you will be going. And please make sure the gate suits the route you will be flying Thank you!

C7 Qatar A380 Perth (YPPH) @Myrightsock
C9 Qatar A380 Perth (YPPH) @BenjiTheBull
G6 Qatar A321-200 Bahrain (OBBI) @Prestoni
C5 Qatar 777-300ER New York JFK @Javery_Mclean


  • I am not responsible for any violation you may receive
  • Follow ATC instructions
  • Use Unicom correctly if no ATC
  • Please spawn at or before
  • Feel free to stream on any platform
  • And most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Are there any routes less than 45 minutes?

Indeed there are!

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@Prestoni You can do this one QR1116 (QTR1116) Qatar Airways Flight Tracking and History 19-Dec-2023 (DOH / OTHH-BAH / OBBI) - FlightAware

Sign me up

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Feel free to use the A321 because the A320 dosnt have the Qatar livery

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@Prestoni Would you be ok with gate G6?

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That works

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Signed up!

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I may do a group flight tomorrow, but if I don’t is it fine if I can take a Qatar 777-300 ER to JFK?

Signed up!

@Javery_Mclean I got you signed up for Gate C5. Lett me know if you want to change to another gate

unfortunately, I don’t think the time will work for me, so I will be unable to go:(

No worries!

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