New Years Day Zip | Star Alliance @ KSFO - 011645ZJAN17

A short dash in San Fransisco this week for New Years!

Server: Training

Region: San Francisco Bay Area

Airport: KSFO

Aircraft: Any Star Alliance Airline A330

Time: 1645Z

NOTAM: *For this event we will fly out of San Francisco on Runways 28L and 28R. Once in the air we will fly FORMATION We will follow the Flight Plan until we pick up the localizers for Runways 30L and 30R we will do a touch and go and then follow the flight plan until we pick up the localizer on Runway 28R at KONT. After landing at KONT, stay for photos! *

Flight Plan

Gate Assignments:
B20: @John_Bob
B21: @Dossym_Makhanov
B22: @Blizzard
B23: @tranquil_skyflyer
B24: @Oscar_Conklin
B25: @Jules_GNINKOUN


Exactly midnight for me, wan’t to join but I’ll be looking at the sky.

Just to draw your attention

This event is at the same time

##The event is now at 1645Z

Flight Plan has been posted.

Still midnight for IFSIAVA
02 Jan 0045

Can I join

Of course!

I’ll make the next event a time that works.

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Please sign me up!

I will be there

Sign me please

Add me please! I should know where is my gate?

Please be patient.

#Please spawn in an A330 that is a Star Alliance member airline.
For example: Swiss A330

Please use both runways 28L and 28R for convenience for takeoff. Do the same for landing at KSJC and KOAK (with runways 30R and 30L and 28R and 28L)

Too late to join?

Nope, but better be there fast.

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Cruising altitude will be 11500ft and speed will be 245KIAS.