New Years Day Spotting @PHX!

I managed to get alittle time in to take more practice shots and get a new prospective on a new location I hadn’t spotted at from my outings previously.

I mainly went to see and photograph SWA Imua One as it would become my first time in person. I was cursed with overcast skies again but it was nice have so many different special livery’s to see and photograph.

These are a quick summary of the many shots I got. I still need to tweek a few settings to get a better image.

Let know which one you guys like that best!


Amazing shots! I love the United A321neo.

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Thank you and got it!

Np! I love the United A321neo, such a beautiful plane to have in the carriers fleet!


Nice shots! Love the trio of A321s especially.


They do look good together.

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