New Years Day Spotting @ EGPF

New Years Day is a day where people celebrate the New Year get drunk and make New Years resolutions that never come to fruition.

Well for me it was a day where I sit at the airport for hours watching tin cans with wings fly in the snow.
Here are the photos!

EK 777 crossing the Black Heart River

BA A320 above me at about 20 meters or 75 🦶

EK 777 rotating and kicking up the rest of the snow

KLM E190 Climbing out of Glasgow at an astonishing rate of climb

Fun Fact: The KLM CityHopper Instagram account commented on this. Very Epic.

And to finish off a BA A320 climbing out and away

That was my first time spotting in 2021 after not being since October I hope you liked the photos :)


Nice photos! Unlucky for me I’m in Wales so can’t go spotting as We have a lockdown so hope we are out of it soon!

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