New Years Day Event @ KPAE - 012200ZJAN16 [DISMISSED]

Server: Freeflight

Region: Seattle

Airport: KPAE

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: *This event will celebrate another great year for the devs working in IF to improve with their work on the simulator that everyone loves (IF)

Any IF Livery

ONLY fly in aircraft that were either
re-worked or added in IF from 2015

And most importantly, have fun and have a happy new year🎉*

Aircraft allowed:

Southwest 2014 737

Philippine Airlines 744

Qatar, Etihad, Asiana, Transaero, Air Austral A388

Any A320 Family Aircraft

Omni Air, AA, AA (OneWorld), IF, United (Old) 772

Any 737BBJ


IF 748


It looks so good to see that 16 at the end instead of 15. Happy new year!

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U2 (😂) my friend

Nice event, do you mean FDS liveries or just any livery available?
Check your title it should be 0120Z not 01208 ;)

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I’m very sad because i cant join you!! I don’t have Seattle region

It’s kind of weird seeing jan16

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Any FDS livery and/or any aircraft that was added or re-worked in 2015

@Full_flight @Rayan @Jasper @Nick_Catalano don’t forget about this event!!!

I can’t make it since I don’t have Seattle…

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@rafael_munguia @The_simulation_nerd don’t forget about this event

I wont trust me 😂

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I’ll do my best not to :)

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Set a reminder on your phoneXD

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I cant participate

Ok i’ll be there

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Guys I changed the time @Nick_Catalano @rafael_munguia @Full_flight

@jasper don’t forget, and I changed the time

2200Z isn’t it?

Yes, but it was 20Z and now I changed it to 22Z

Okay, I’ll be there

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