New Year, Same View @KORD

With 2020 behind us, it’s time for 2021! Yesterday was the first day with amazing weather, and after a night of snow fall, it created for some stunning pics

This first one is quite interesting. United sent their “Her Art California” livery to Chicago, where unlike in California, it was cold.

This Cargolux 747-8 heading for Atlanta rotated so early, I almost struggled to catch a decent picture of it.

A commodity on these topics is the Delta A330 flight to Frankfurt transporting cargo. Today is no exception

B-2021 is a plane I already took pictures of and posted them here, but why not add a picture of that plane in 2021

An American Airlines 777 and 787, a common sight at O’Hare, departing with a beautiful blue sky behind it

This ASL Belgium 747 blasted out of O’Hare, kicking up the loose snow from the night before as it rotated. As @Hopperbolic put it, it’s almost like you can feel the power of those engines

For those of you who have notifications on on FlightRadar24, you definitely got the notification for NH8549, which squawked 7700 and held over the lake for an hour to dump fuel. Here is that plane departing

After finding out this plane was returning, I headed to the other side of the airport to watch it land. While I didn’t end up taking pictures of it since I had to go home for dinner, here are some other planes I took pictures of while waiting. With some heavies landing, I figured why not take pictures of them, like this United 777 coming in from Frankfurt at golden hour

Last but not least, I will be ending this off with an Atlas Air 767, which came in from Amsterdam


Awesome pictures!

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Great shots! I saw her art California flying over my house on its way to O’Hare. You got great shot of it!

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Man, this guy never comes to KORD, never less a 752. Nice job, lovely photos!

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imagine having sun during winter

imagine having traffic

imagine having heavies

imagine getting cargo

imagine having a backdrop


Oh. My. @Pingu get your butt over here now!

Fabulous pictures, @mkwiecek! You never fail to impress! 🙌


Tell the DL A330 to come back to KIND for me to use. Just joking , very nice pictures especially the United 757 special livery. I dont know why thoses appeal very vibrant for me.

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Hmph. That’s disappointing. @system didn’t like my reply to that flag, either.

Edit: Or my reply to the flag…

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 10.16.55 PM


Y’all had an A350 with Delta at the beginning of the NFL season


I love these pictures! I was following the ANA 773 from my house on live ATC, that’s pretty cool you got a photo of it! I was surprised to see it land on 22L.

Thanks for the cool pictures! Have you gotten one of the Swiss A340? They’ve been bringing that to ORD a lot now!

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Yep we did and the A350 was very gorgeous aswell ! I I want more though …

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It’s too dark to take pictures of it now, but I’ve spotted it over the summer


Ah yes, that darn Midwestern winter where it gets dark at 5:00. 😂 or at least it does for me.


Yep, dark by 5 here too


What a stunning photo! Keep up the superb spotting 😍

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spotting skills on the IFC really have gone

havent they


Personally, I’d have to agree. Here’s a picture from august, when I first started spotting, and a picture from recent times


Always coming out with stellar photos, Marcel. Loving your work; keep it up!!

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Great job, KORD, though a massive hub for United and American, still had a lot of variety. Great shorts Marcel!

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My favorite picture 😍

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