New Year’s Eve Travel Nightmare

Happy New Year to all! Let’s make it a good one.

Starting off, I was scheduled on B6 302, an A321NEO flying home to JFK yesterday from FLL. Scheduled departure time was 2:09 PM.
Everything was normal, we boarded on time, and pushed back.

After about 15-20 minutes sitting there, the engines had turned on and off a couple times, and I was confused that we weren’t moving. We were then towed back into the gate, and the pilot announced that there was something wrong with a display indicator for the second engine. He said they just had to get a technician to get it fixed and it would be a “minor” fix. Oh boy…

Around 45 minutes or so later, he came on saying the testing was going good and looking fine.

A bunch of special liveries yesterday.

Around 15-20 minutes after that, he said after 4 engine start-ups, everything looked fine, he was finalizing the paperwork, and we had all our clearances and were going to be on our way. Keep in mind this is about an hour and 45 minutes delayed by now.

Around 20 minutes after THAT, still not moved, around 4:40 PM, all of a sudden the lights in the cabin turn back on. The pilot comes over and says that the same thing popped up again which would require even more testing and getting the mechanics back on, and nobody knew how long that would be so we had the option of getting off the plane.

We got back into the terminal, and 3/4 of the plane had the same idea as us. Because we were sitting in the back, there was a decent sized line ahead of us waiting to talk to the gate agents about getting on a different flight.

My mom called jetblue customer service, because the line was so long and barely moving. The wait for customer service was 13 minutes.

About 20 minutes after we de-boarded, it was announced there would be a new plane, and the gate was all the way on the other side of the terminal. We had to walk from gate F10, to the F and E gate concourses, to gate E10.

Enjoy these pics I snapped in the meantime.

By this time it was 5:15 PM. The new plane arrived around 5:45, and they had to deboard and clean it before we could board around 6:30. The golden hour was really nice and I snapped a few more pics.



By the time that everyone boarded around 6:55 or so, the plane was probably just over half full, maybe a bit more. Originally it was a full flight, but people got on other flights.

The captain comes on, says sorry about the delay all that, and they’re working on getting us up to NY.
10-15 minutes later, around 7:10, now 5 hours after scheduled departure time, they come on and announce they’re loading up gate checked bags and says they’re doing paperwork. 15 minutes later we’re still sitting there. Pilot comes on and says they were dealing with a software update or reset whatever it was in the cockpit and it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.
Well, when that was over he comes back on and says we’re dealing with a weight and balance issue, and that they may have to move bags around, which means more paperwork. Everyone groans because at this point it’s like 7:40. We find out from the flight attendants a few minutes later that some people up in the front had a fight which led to them being asked to leave the flight so they had to get their bags. A few more people stand up and leave the flight. They come on and ask “does anyone else want to leave the flight”. That didn’t sound good.
A few minutes later, the captain comes on and says they got good weight and balance, software update is good and they’re just finalizing paperwork.

At 8:00, the captain comes back on and says “Who wants to go to New York? Well we’re goin” The whole plane cheers, and 4 minutes later, almost 6 hours after scheduled departure time, we’re pushing back.

We taxi to the runway, and just when I thought we had it bad, I check FR24 and the plane behind us, UA 922, going to SFO was delayed fourteen hours. Originally it was supposed to takeoff at 6:52 AM to SFO, but the inbound got diverted to TPA due to fog and spent the whole day there for whatever reason even when the weather cleared up after early morning.

We took off at 8:27 PM. The flight was a bit bumpy at first as was the descent into New York 2 hours later. We landed at 10:40 PM. A bunch of clapping from people who just want the day to be done. The time from gate to car was almost 1 hour, we got off the plane around 10:52 or so, went to baggage claim, walked to the AirTrain, took the AirTrain, and got to the car at 11:50. We celebrated New Years in the exit lane at long term parking. Happy New Year!

If you’ve read the whole thing, thank you.


Read it all. What a night mare. Glad you are safe


Also read it all. Jesus sometimes you have delays, and that’s the main risk of flying. Especially when departing or arriving to the New York area 😪


Poor you! I remember when I pushed back once and they said our flight was cancelled and we returned to the gate.

I absolutely feel so bad for you! That’s terrible. KFLL is my home airport and I hate to see these things come from there!

Glad you had a safe flight back though!


As absolutely awful as that sounds, I can’t help but think about the flight behind you to SFO that was delayed 14 hours. That’s a T H I C C rip.

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I’m jealous of all the special liveries you saw

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I also saw Vets in Blue at concourse G 😜

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Wow. I’m jealous. Bluericua is my favorite JetBlue livery of all time


I had a very similar situation once from Belgrade to doha with QR. Very similar issue, 5 hour delay.

Glad everything worked out for you!

That’s about the most ridiculous thing you can do, everyone else is in the same situation as you and people are trained to deal with it.

How so? There were tons of people in front of us with a line barely moving. We wanted to potentially get on another flight ASAP before people gobbled those seats up.


Because the people in the airport where you, and everyone else in the same situation, can see first hand what is happening and what is going on. They are trained specifically to deal with that sort of thing. Calling head office just delays things even more.

Not necessarily. I don’t doubt the airport workers one bit, but we would have rather got on another flight before other people filled them up. Airline workers know what’s going on as well.


Better a few hour delay than a serious issue… 🤷🏻‍♂️


Is JetBlue just bad with the delays? When we used to fly them down to Ft. Lauderdale yearly before they cancelled the flight, I don’t think we departed on time once… 😂

That’s terrible, good thing you finally took off. I’ve never had that bad of a delay when I’ve flown.

B6302 :)

Did you achieve anything calling their customer service? When I was on a flight in Feb 2019 to Dallas, I didn’t bother calling them because I knew their JetBlue Promise as in their contract of carriage and I didn’t mind making some money. You should have mentioned that you got a nice $150 “donation” for the delay per pax!

Great report, welcome back to li

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About halfway through while she was on hold with them was when it was announced there would be a new plane. So she stayed on anyways and asked about the vouchers

Brilliant photos, and an excellent read!

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