New Year’s Eve flight @ UHMA - 311200ZDEC17

Server: Expert

Region: The World

Airport: UHMA

Time: 1200ZULU

This is an event to celebrate New Year’s Eve. We will be taking of at UHMA at 1200Z which is when people there will be celebrating (they are amongst the first to celebrate). We will then fly all around the world until we come back. The flight is about 24 long wich means that we will be passing over each region at midnight local time. If you see that you will arrive too early, no problem just slow down and you’ll be back in 24hours.

This is the flight plan:

You may take any plane and livery you want. Although a plane with long range is better. Since no plane can fly that long we will be refuelling at any airport along the flight plan(airport big enough for the plane…)

Please request a gate if you’re coming.
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Dyr 1:
Dyr 2:
Dyr 3:
Dyr 4:
Dyr 5:
Dyr 6:
Dyr 7:
Dyr 8:
Dyr 9:
Dyr 10:
Dyr 11:
Dyr 12:
Dyr 13:
Dyr 14:
Dyr 15:
Dyr 16:
Dyr 17:
Dyr 18:
Dyr 19: @Goran12
Dyr 20: @Captain_Zen
Dyr 21:
Dyr 22:
Military 1:
Military 2:
Military 3:
Military 4:

have fun and happy holidays!!


Can I have a gate please.

Yep I’ll put you next to me

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Thanks mate…

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