New Year Route Suggestions?

Hey All!

I am inquiring about something I want to do as a my last flight of the DECADE! I am looking between something Flights going out of Canada, with some pretty good scenery. Mountains, Islands and etc. Particularly within the time range of 3-6 hours. But Canada and USA shouldn’t be the only factor but into this. Pick somewhere else you think is best. Thank you for reading, and I appreciate any suggestions.

Sorry if I posted in the wrong category.

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Well how about a flight from your Hometown airport YYC or even your favourite place to visit ?? I usually do that or my favourite place

I have done almost every single flight from YYC

CYYC-KDEN or CYYC-KSEA should be pretty scenic

Maybe you could do a flight from Calgary to Whitehorse or Yellowknife

Funny thing, I’ve done that. I made it up to this point in life, that I’ve done ever single CYYC flight imaginable.

How about YYC-OGG or THE CAYMAN islands those are fun and have good scenery.

How about CYYZ to SEQM with Air Canada?

Also flying the Gold Coast in Australia is fun and Beautiful

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I like realism, basically doing all real flights.

Yeah that is a real flight :)

2019/2020? The routes will be the same, if not i believe they can be added to the 2019 Version. I don’t see a point in making a thread every year that will likely have the same routes.

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You could do CYYZ-SCEL-SAEZ

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I like doing things that don’t really have a popularity.

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It’s only YYZ, got that confused.

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That maybe a good idea. But the flight time, I maybe a little concerned.

Please don’t take the time helping me as much.
-This is certainly not a huge deal. Just be open minded.

Next year’s route?

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Ehhhh. I need something within 3-6 hours. Some along those lines. Doesn’t also have to be From Canada.

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Well that should be about right

That maybe be one of them. But my OCD kills me when we don’t have an Air Canada Rouge 767 and I hate using different planes.

I know, I am asking for lot’s. But I kind of want this to be special enough. For me at least…

I appreciate the effort, nevertheless. Don’t tire yourself out just for this, you can always move along.

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