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Very successful first mission for AAR with 2 of our KC10 refuelling aircraft, after providing refuel ops for 10 f22 aircraft and a rogue f16C

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Do I spy with my little eye an AIDoLS?

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After weeks of negotiation and compromise, Aerosync is proud to announce its first ever partnership. The candidate for this alliance is none other than IFAF, the only certified Air Force VA. Finally, today, we release details of this to the public.
The partnership is regarding AAR, the refuelling service featuring the KC10 across 2 different liveries. IFAF and Aerosync are operating a rewarding and unique partnership of cargo and refuelling services, operating as one solid team, sharing event parking bays, providing vital fuelling and participating in group training, a first for Aerosync.
Bringing the two most unique VOs together in unity, planting the seeds of a long and successful friendship.

The future is IFAF& AEROSYNC!


Hello again,
Just quickly releasing a new typeform. This one allows you to request AAR services at either your event, or just on a usual flight. Requests shouldn’t take more that 24 hrs to follow up on.
Happy flying


Hey everyone!
New video created by our new media editor dude. Hope you all like!

Celebrating the best of 2017 with aerosync! Roll on the new year


Results of an internal photo competition held for our pilots, and these are the winners. Let us know what you think!4843ee1af7ed7c3077c809db11a21144491ee83c_1_666x500

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I hope and pray almost every waking day that l might be good enough to join your elite team of pilots… that said…can l fly the starship.!!!

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Application form is on the website ;)

Hello there fellow humans. I am not a robot. And because I am not a robot, I can correctly display affection and excitement towards the event that I am linking below.

While I’m at it, I will make a human typo.


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Right about now…you are probably close to a cryogenic state… along with the rest of New England… so thaw your cpu and find a hot tub !!!

I don’t have a hot tub, but I do have a nice warm fire! :)


It’s an English expression so acc u do 😂😂

That was last year… (2016)


*2 years ago kirito 😝

Mistakes were made on all sides. ;) Let’s forget about the shame.

not quite sure what you mean but whatever 🤷‍♂️

Yeah I’m with pidge on this one… Anyway
Important updates coming soon!

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Some beautiful pics from a recent group flight!