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Would be very nice to have, but therefore we dont have enough influence (yet) I guess :D

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Hi there,
again we have gathered enough video material to make another awesome Random Moments episode !
Enjoy watching :

Stay tuned for more news to come up soon :)


The introduction of global would mean that flight hours of pilots would increase by a large scale. To keep us in sync, we have introduced a new set of badges to recognize dedicated pilots.


#Alpha Alpha Charlie 20, taxi to parking.
Today, the last scheduled flight with an AeroSync owned Cessna Citation X took place. With rising interest and growth in our AAP division, the time for the retiring of our business jets has come. Earlier, when we established our first sub division, we saw the need of a small sized jet for staff transportation to airshow airports and charter services. The time has come, the last flight of our last CCX was into Portland, Seattle.

Shutdown check list : complete

To see all news and in depth development information, make sure to check out our newly set up “news page” on the website :

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@anon71586090. “Stall Kick Flip”, new one on me! … Looked like a failed “Pugachev’s Cobra” to me. What ever works, credit where credit due!
Max Sends

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Thanks for your input. However the maneuver is meant to be like this :)

#Need for Speed : River Edition
Make sure to check out our newest event - once again carefully planned and surely a lot of fun !

Hope to see you there :)


MaxSez: Innovation is the mother of invention! Your Efforts and those of your dedicated team are followed with pleasure! “Do Good Work”


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Thanks ! Its super nice to hear that, we are doing hard work and … I guess we keep developing in a good way. The overall quality of our content keeps rising ( in my eyes ) and so does the work in the cockpit with our members. We are also taking care of suggestions of members quite a lot, since we are a team based group and not a leadership based group.

However, we’ve had some healthy and important promotions today :
@Alec_Vincent_Morea was tested by our instructor @Matteo quite hard today - successfully. The rare event of a member promotion into our glorious Team Raptor is worth a callout by any means. The last time we promoted a member into was on the 2nd February of this year, ironically it was Matteo himself back then - now he is instructor and recruiter himself. Congratulations to you Alec !

Alec being tested in part 2 in this picture, the Aspen Run. You can notice one supervision aircraft and one chase plane.

Further, @Icanfly123 a.k.a Jack ( the Ripper ) joined our media team. Usually we do not grant staff positions that easy anymore, since our team is healthily staffed. However his energetic character and never resting way of working towards his aim of becoming a part of our media team was so convincing to the senior staff team that we would be stupid if we didnt grant him a place in our staff team.
Thanks for your work so far Jack, we hope to see a lot of content coming from you !

Thanks, over and out,


Thank you so much! It’s an honor to be a part of Aerosync and the raptor team!! Looking forward to all the good times!!


Was a great training. Thank you everyone


Thank you as well delif :)

Awesome training-day today, just wanted to share some impressions as well :)
Our SR22 started up, receiving the briefing by @Jet_Airways_995

Our old gooses, the F14s from Team Viper, after a training session in preparation for the IFEAA. @NetJets_Nick @DeerCrusher :)


To keep the thread updated, here are some news regarding the near future of AeroSync :

  • MD11F and A330-200F will be implemented into AAC
  • A solid route update will be presented
  • An auxiliary hub in Queenstown, NZ will be opened
  • New premium, premium +, ultimate and Honorary Badges are available ( learn more on the website about that )
  • New “Medal of Honor”-like badge will be implemented, to honor staff members with extraordinary ambitions to shape the future of AeroSync

Read more :

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To begin I would like to welcome our 5 newest pilots who have joined us this week! We love to see such great activity within AeroSync its great! Congratulations to our newest AAC captain dlgrca! Wishing him the best of luck in his new role with AAC. Training is due to be more frequent due to up and coming AirShows! All of our 3 aerobatics teams will be training for our exciting up and coming partnership airshow! 20 new and tricky routes have been added to our AAC routes for when the MC11F and the A330-200F are announced! One the A330-200F and the MC11F are added to the game we will be adding 7 of each to our fleet! To find these routes head to our routes section on our website. (insert link) We have a new hub which is based down under! Yes that’s correct a new hub in Queenstown New Zealand has been founded early this week and we can’t wait to start using it! It will mostly be used for propeller driven aircrafts that we have in our fleet! For a full list of our fleet head to. (insert link) Congratulations to Muba and Adam for receiving the Extraordinary Involvement badge! Muba received it for all his file editing, that is unsupervised. Without him there wouldn’t be the AeroSync media coverage that we have now. Additionally the instagram, all his TCS work which was basically done alone by him and his great help when we came to route calculating. Adam received his reward for being our 3rd member here at AeroSync, having taken over several tasks back in the day, Adam implemented our whole flight logging system and exemplary route spreadsheets so big props to him! We would also like to welcome our newest staff member Furph who is taking the position of AeroSync Journalist. Welcome to the team! Thank you for reading this week’s newsletter be sure to check back next week for more!
-Furph, AeroSync Journalist


Awesome first job mate. In addition to that I want to add that one of our first and most valuable pilots, that got lost some time ago, rejoined.
@sqeezelemon, we are happy to have you back!

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Hey guys !
We start to rework some of our older but important videos. The first 2 are already finished. I chose to revamp the Team Hawk Entry Test and the Team Raptor Harrier Tutorial. Those were quality wise really outdated.
Make sure to check them below, the quality is now … another world if you ask me.

Team Raptor Harrier Tutorial :

Team Hawk Entry Test :

If you like our new, updated content, please make sure to support the channel with a subscription - we give free virtual cookies for every sub !



That Harrier tutorial is leaving me speechless. Excellent job!


@Overspeed. MaxSez: Great Tutorial vid’s particularly Team Raptors " Harrier Gig". However, The title “Harrier” does not due it justice though. One relates immediately to the “Jump Jet”. Let me suggest you reconsider the title and call the maneuver “Pegasus” in honor of that Rolls engineering marvel ,which first introduced the Vector Thrust turbine aero-engine into modern aviation history with the development of the RR Pegasus, Vector Thrust design. It was first seen operational in the U.K’s Kestal and refined into today’s only heralded “Jumper” the AV-8. “Pegasus” send a message. I believe this maneuver is an AS original, It sure no modified PCobra. I looked but have never seen this manuver performed in the RW. The AeroSyn “Pegasus” aerobatic maneuver grabs ya!
Just Sayin…


Love being part on AeroSync, Creme de la Crop of IF.


Hi max, thanks for your awesome statement there. I didn’t randomly choose the name tho. Since I’m big into rc flying IRL, I adapted the name from a maneuver which exists there. It is called the harrier, mostly flown inverted with an extreme high angle of attack.
You may check out that link, there the maneuver is flown straight and not inverted. Pegasus does indeed sound pretty cool tho and your argumentation is just great, since a lot of our operation procedures are written around this maneuver yet already, it would be pretty hard to adapt. But Ill keep it in mind if I feel like changing and improving things.
Thanks once again ;)



I’m proud to introduce you to the one and only new video of the Random Moments Series!!:)

The beggining is crazy! This one is big!

Hope you’ve enjoyed it watching, stay tuned for the next episodes… :)