NEW YEAR, NEW GROUP | New Hub, New Routes ! | AeroSync

That is about to come dude :) We will share the liveries once we got them finished and cleaned - Stay tuned !


@Mubashir I guess you can leak the full set of AAP liveries yet already :)

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Here’s the full set of our AAP fleet with our paint on them.



An F-14B Tomcat of AeroSync’s Viper team during the variable geometry pass…truly a stunning sight.

If you desire fun, speed, precision, and above all else, camaraderie, join AeroSync Aerobatics for the thrill of a lifetime!



A true stunner - an A318 of AAP departing Hilo, by our pilot Nate.
credit to Nate.


Nice editing. You can repost here :)


To all reading this through IFC :
It would be an honour if you guys voted for AeroSync in the 2017 Virtual Airline Award ! Hope to see some votes for AeroSync, thanks :) A little less than 18 hours until the poll closes.

AAC C130J during a cargo flight.


Eventually I voted for AeroSync since in some nominations there wasn’t my VA option.

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Nice to hear that. I think if Easy VA was in those options, I would have definitely voted for you on most active :D

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Thats great to hear btw I’m from Qantas. Keep up the good work :)

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Thanks for the congrats dude. In terms of original VAs, we want to set new standards as long and as best as we can. Your words are highly appreciated :) 2 screenshots from yesterday below :

A 757 of the AAC main fleet parked at RFD.

Members of AAT US taxiing to the runway for a training session.


Quote of the day:

Leonardo DaVinci wasn’t messing about when he said->
“For once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes gazing skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return”

Something to put a smile on your face on a rainy day!

Blue skies!

JGK00 - Viper/Raptor leader ~ The Aerosync Group


A new event is about to come. It will be a pylon race event. Stay tuned :)
Sneak peek below :


I love being part of AeroSync


Are you gonna try and get these added?

FDS aren’t going to add liveries for Virtual Airlines. Only a select handful have their own livery, and other people would complain or make rushed liveries in hopes to get them included.


Nice screenshots gav. We highly appreciate your will to develop and participate, hope to see you soon undergoing Advanced testing :) We will have a new system for new members soon in place for some extra good treatment to make new members make even feel more welcome.
Another voice of a recently joined member, receiving his first badge after being promoted : ( Keith ;) )

Awesome thank you
This is one of the friendliest VAs I’ve ever been in

These words are the reason we do what we do in the staff team, you keep us going.

Have fun guys and enjoy the team,
ovsp and team ;)


Also, guys, you should check out our new event :

If you want to have a gate, just dm me in slack or comment down below the thread :)
See you then!


I couldnt resist but post this awesome screenshot from our #screenshot section. Just awesome !


Some of us at AAT are Pilots in real life too! For me, being a student pilot comes with its challenges. Preparation is the key to a successful flight! Just like preparation is key to our unique Airshows displayed by Hawk, Viper and Raptor!

“Those four stripes will be the hardest stripes you’ll ever have to work for”. My instructor would say! That’s 1 down and three to go!!

Practice makes perfect! And a quote for today. One of my favourites!

“A mile of Highway will take you a mile but a mile of Runway can take you anywhere”

Blue skies!

JGK00 ~ The Aerosync Group