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The AeroSync Group is the most successful Virtual Organization in the VA branch. More than
170 pilots decided yet to enter our progressive aviation group. Our high recognition value is
supported by the fact that we were victorious in 6 out of 11 Virtual Airline Awards categories,
an overall community rank 1 or 2 result, voted by the community. We are operational since over
one year, feature some of the highest activity numbers per week and have depending on the
division some of the best pilots of the whole Infinite Flight Community in our ranks.


AeroSync Aerobatic Team

Detailed Information

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The AeroSync Aerobatics Team consists of 3 teams, flying different aircraft and requiring
different skill levels to operate in close proximity and coordinated,aerobatic focused flying.

The Team Hawk is the entry level team, operating the SR22 GTS. Every applicant of this
division is tested on his hand-flying skill in this aircraft, after a few trainings the new pilot
can rank up into Team Viper, as soon as he thinks hes ready for the next step.

Team Viper operates the F14 - more difficult and complex maneuvers are performed. The
Team Viper is the direct qualification stage where essential coordinated jet flying will be
taught and learnt by very experienced instructor pilots. Your whole jet flying skills will im-
prove immensely, as soon as you feel ready yet another time, its time for the ultimate team.

The Crème de la Crème of pilots of the Infinite Flight Community - the very best pilots the
whole simulator has to offer - these are the members of Team Raptor. Ultra proximity flying,
formation breaks, criss crosses - these pilots are the ultimate beasts, and so is their aircraft :
Utilizing the F22 Raptor´s dynamic, speed and power, we guarantee you goosebumps on
your rides. For obvious reasons, the Team Raptor is the one with the most frequent bookings
for community, internal and semi-official events like the Infinite Flight Olympics.


AeroSync Air Cargo

Detailed Information

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The task of AAC pilots is basically easy - transport goods. If there werent these ridiculously
hard approaches : Our route network features all of the hardest approaches around the globe.
Heard of Kai Tak ? We consider this an easy one. If you are looking for challenging flights, this
division is for you. Right below, you can find our rank-table, which shows you everything regard-
ing ranking up in this divisions. Dont be fooled, the C208 and C130 level approaches are some
of the hardest, so even going for your first flights you already experience the quintessence of
this division.



AeroSync Air Passenger

Detailed Information

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The AeroSync Air Passenger divisions focus is in the flight itself - progressive routing and weeks
of calculating made us come up with one of if not the most advanced route system around. The
flight itself is the experience, not just the take-off or the landing. We take many many factors into
consideration when it comes to approving and building new routes - keep in mind that we dont rely
on real restrictions and therefore have all options. Bored of flying generic aircraft liveries at original
VAs ? Not with us - AeroSync Air Passengers aircraft are all painted in a rather clear blue colour
scheme - our aircraft are clearly identifyable. Right below you can find our rank-table, you may be
surprised by the low hours required. However we dont want a rank-system to be in your way when
it comes to choosing a route, it is more a little motivation to keep climbing and a personal reference
of your pilot career :




Everything you need to know

Pilot Information

The information provided here is only a very small excerpt of the true AeroSync experience. In order
to explore the whole depth of The AeroSync Group, you need to visit our website. The website consists
of important information for member and non-member referance, such as interactive route-maps, fleet information, the join-formular, our gallery and much more.
As communication system, we use Slack and Discord, where we operate 2 servers.
At this point, we want to remind you that the leadership-team puts humongous work into this Virtual
Aviation Group - via slack you can reach out to us basically to any time and you will get an immediate
answer to your inquiry. As mentioned above, we are a very active and user friendly community, striving
for professional, teamworking, mature pilots and unbeatable VA concepts.

Gain hours, Gain credits, Gain Freedom

Pilot Salary

On AeroSync, you get paid for flying - virtually of course. However, we have multiple and unique
spending options, which include the option to purchase type ratings. That means, you dont have
to fly through all hours of a rank, but rather can purchase a rank-upgrade via a type-rating. Further,
you can purchase aircraft charters, route charters or a combination of both. More information is
provided on the website and as soon as you enter our slack.

Feedback from our community

Pilot Voices

The leadership team closely works around the pilots and their advice to the staff - in AeroSync
everybody can freely voice his feedback, concerns and wishes anytime. Lets hear some voices of
pilots flying for different divisions, with different ranks and different origins :

  • Bruno, AAT25
    “Being in AeroSync is an amazing experience, very unique. Everyone is extremely friendly, I’m here
    for almost 10 months and I saw a lot of awesome changes, I’m thankful to be here and to have a high rank !”

  • October, AAP65
    “Unity, Teamwork and an extremely hard working leadership team, these are the things that make
    AeroSync truely stand out compared to other VAs.”

  • Quenan, AAC63
    “I discovered AeroSync by their youtube channel. The members are fantasic, you will see a lot of personalities! Chat is always active and slack storage full, professionalism and relaxing at one place.
    Still asking myself how they found these destinations, too. Just take a look in the website, It’s worth it !”

  • Raymond, AAP133
    “This va is pretty dope - I used to be part of several other VAs but they all didnt live up to what I wanted.
    I’m a pretty social dude some are not and I understand that. I think this va will always be successful if the professionalism continues as it does now.”


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Wow! This organization looks amazing! I just submitted an application through your website.


Awesome, welcome to AAT

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Welcome to AAT Golden Spotter !


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Well organised, well done! 😉

Why thank you would you like to join

You don’t ask someone “Why” when they give good criticism 😉 Anyways, no please.


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Seems like a good idea, I’d be interested to join.

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Great! Love to have you.

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Good luck from United Virtual!

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Oh, and guys, I think the AAT Instagram is pretty much done, thanks to our wonderful media manager.

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Thank you Blizzard, we hope the work pays out in the end and pilots get the experience they are looking for ! (:

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I have created the AAT Instagram, and it is ready for the public! Click to view our Instagram.

Quality made in Bavaria. Good joob.

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Looks very professional. Well done!

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