New Year, New Gear @KPSP

Hello everyone!

Over the holiday season, I was able to buy my first real camera. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to use it for a few weeks due to busy schedules. Finally I had the chrome try it out in that airport that is known to be my hometown airport; Palm Springs.

If you have a critiques to help me improve my spotting, please let me know below or dm me. No editing was involved because I wanted to see how they would turn out before I get into editing. This is my first time spotting with a real camera so I am here to improve!

Enjoy the photos!

Very first catch of the day was a Southwest 737-800 to Vegas

Next up is a Westjet 737-800 to Calgary

American 737-800 to Chicago

Alaska 737-900 off to Seattle

This one caught me off guard, and I only got one photo in time. Air Canada 737-MAX8 to Vancouver

Operations reversed, so I had to relocate. This spot turned out to be a fantastic location. The first catch was a United 737-MAX8 to San Francisco

Delta 737-800 arriving from Seattle

Delta 737-900 off to Atlanta

American A321 heading to Phoenix

For the final catch of the day, the Alaska “West Coast Wonders” heading to JFK, the newest route to PSP.

Thanks for viewing


Awesome shots!

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Very nice shots!! What camera did you get?

Thanks. I got a Nikon Z7

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oh wow that’s a nice camera

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Thank you!

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Z7 is one heck of a camera. What lens are you using with it?


I’m seeing a bunch of B737’s and B737 MAX’s and an A321neo

Those are the three aircraft (along with E175s) that mainly fly into LAX. Not an extremely large variety unfortunately

Well I see nine B737’s and one A321neo and you’re spotting at PSP airport

I meant to type PSP instead of LAX 😅

Wow this place reminds me of Palm Springs


These shots are absolutely sick man! The mountains just make them better. Might have to head over to KPSP myself one of these days 🙂.

Thank you! Palm Springs is an incredible airport for photos with a great background

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I flew out of PSP back in December of 2022. Great scenic departure and had an awesome vacation there! Hopefully I’ll be back soon!

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Definitely be worth the investment of a longer range lens. Otherwise perhaps you need to get closer to the airport 🙈

Well done! Your shots look great!

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Great shots! Love the mountain(s) in the background, looks very good.

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