New year, New Champion | 2022 Screenshot Championship - GRAND FINALE - RESULTS

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New Year Screenshot Competition

Presented by your hosts

🛩 @Flightistic 🛩

previous champion
👑 @Airborne_Canuck 👑
Please be sure to read the full post before showing interest in this competition, thanks!


New Year, New Champion!

Happy new year! In celebration of 2022, @Flightistic and I are hosting a screenshot competition, let’s get a big turn-up! Winner will be the first screenshot champion of 2022!

Rules & Requirements

  1. All photos must comply with the #screenshots-and-videos rules as they follow:
  • Please only post your best photos, and do not send meme photos. Make sure all HUD views, sidebars, display names, and boxes are hidden. Videos or Gifs are not permitted.

  • Photoshops that include any feature not in the simulator already are not permitted. This includes aircraft and liveries, clouds, and weather.

  1. Keep it respectful.

Although some competitive spirit is welcome, please keep your messages respectful and on topic. Secondly, please refrain from boosting your screenshot, let other people make their own choices.

  1. No Moonshots
    It pains me to say this, but good points have been made in past competitions about moonshots. Moonshots are some of the most beautiful screenshots one can take, and they prove to have a solid advantage over other standard screenshots; for this reason, moonshots will not be allowed.

  2. All Photos must be your own
    All photos and edits must be your own, there are no exceptions to this rule.

  3. Have Fun!
    One of the most important aspects of a competition, we’re all here to have a good time!

Failure to adhere to the rules will result in disqualification.

How It Works

Sign-ups deadline

There will be two groups, Group A and Group B

If you are interested in participating, notify us of your interest by replying to this thread. On acceptance, we will pm you with an invite to a group PM on the IFC. Following the signup deadline, contestants will be notified who they are facing, and they will have until 2022-01-12T05:00:00Z to send in a screenshot for the competition.

  • The first contestant matchups will be randomly generated via a spinning wheel; following the first matchups, contestants will follow a single-elimination or knockout format.

  • @Flightistic will be the host for Group B,
    I (@Airborne_Canuck) will be the host for Group A

Themed Rounds

A new feature introduced to screenshot competitions to spice things up! Themed rounds will be coordinated between groups, and themes can be anything from moonshots to 3D buildings! More details will be explained on this as the competition pursues.


Signup Phase

That’s all, we hope you’re as excited about this as we are! May the best screenshot win!

Good Luck!!
We are not affiliated or partnered Infinite Flight LLC or with any virtual airline for this, this is a community creation.


Just going to give this a little bump. Merry Christmas everyone!


Sign me up please, Doesn’t matter which group i’m in


You’re signed up, thanks!


May I sign up? I’d like to be in Group B, please.


You’re all signed up, thanks!

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Can I join?

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Yes, I’ll message you shortly, thank you!

Just a reminder:

while replying to this thread is welcome, it is preferred that you pm @Flightistic and myself rather than replying, thanks!


I’ll join. put me in whatever group


You’re signed up, thanks!

May I join please? I don’t mind being in either group.

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You’re all signed up!

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Good luck everyone! Lets see if Canuck regains the title, or someone other than applepro (hehe)🙂

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Only time will tell. 👀

Good luck everyone


If anyone would like to spectate the competition, just PM me! We’re allowing spectators/voters.


We have been given the go ahead by moderators to continue this screenshot competition through this thread on the IFC. Comment limit is no longer a thing. You may use this thread as you please, as long as it falls under the IFC rules. We hope to get some more signups!

If you are interested in joining, just reply to this thread, thanks!

Signups deadline: 2022-01-03T05:00:00Z2022-01-08T05:00:00Z

To new users who are interested, please scroll to the top and read the original post, thanks!

Let’s get some more contestants, I can’t wait to see who the first screenshot champion of 2022 will be!



Signups Closed!

current participants:

If you are interested in joining, just reply to this thread, thanks!

Signups deadline: 2022-01-08T05:00:00Z


Still room? If so sign me up. Thanks

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Perfect, thanks for signing up! You’ll be in group B. @Flightistic will send you an invite shortly! :)

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Can I sign up for this? Thanks!