New year flying

So every year for tradition i fly as a flight of 2 with myself and fly past the IFATC hub for new years, last year i did EGLL in 2x C-17’s, this year i did 2x A-10’s past LGAV at 0000z.
Here are the pictures from the AAR before the fly past and a little A-10 action in the US later on 1st.

Shoutout to @UA.Aviation and @Wilhelm_Meijer for flying the two tankers!!

Mad love for the A-10C Thunderbolt II


Great flight, had fun refuelling the Tank-buster then returning to base with @Wilhelm_Meijer ✈️ 😎


Great shots you made Skyler. Looks amazing.


cool, those are good shots

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Thank you Thank you Thank you, Thought i would kick this year off with raw and Old School-ish !!

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It was super fun 10/10 would and want to do it again