New Year flight @ KSFO - 010010ZJAN17

Server: Training

Region: San Francisco Bay Area

Airport: KSFO

Time: 0010

NOTAM: Come for a fun flight celebrating the new year. You can come in any aircraft, and enjoy flying around the San Fran region to celebrate the new year!

I hope to see you all there!

Gate A01- @Potato_pilot- ZK-NOP
Gate A01B- @Oscar_Conklin- American 523
Gate A02- @LachyRobertson- LR74
Gate A03- @CaptainDyorden


Ten minutes into the year, I like that detail. You just might have the first event of 2017!

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Please sign me up!

Ok, see you there soon.

If you really have nothing to do 10 min into the new year but IF, you need a distraction. If ya know what I mean ♥‿♥

It’s 1:00pm here lol.

Do you want to come?

I’ll come :)

Sweet! See you there.

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18 minutes left.

What callsign will you have @LachyRobertson and @Oscar_Conklin?

I will be LR74

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I will be American 523

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I’ll be there can I still join?

Sure! Callsign please.

I’m going to KSFO now, in a Boeing 747-400.

Tuijet 105 I’m a little late just got home

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That was fun!

No, I do not

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Ok, but the event ended 2.5 hours ago…