New year flight! DD:31dec(start)-4jan(ends) YY:18

well in this final year of 2018 and the starting of 2019, this event will start in 31st of dec 2018!
Server: any

(you can go to any gate)

asia1300Z (possible dates:31dec/1Jan/2jan/3jan)
europe:2000Z (possible dates:31dec/1jan/2jan)
USA:0000Z or 2100Z
(possible dates:31 dec/1jan/2jan/3jan)

NOTAM: for kids who wants to use usa must use 2100Z to rest their eyes but for adults can mark any(and you can drink coffee to stay awake lol)
and those who are you tubers you can make vids or live

And have a happy new year!

Thanks for an amzing event! Please read this topic and change your title to the correct format :)


ok thanks @ItsBlitz ill rechange

oh wait @ItsBlitz are you going to join this event?

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Since you have a multiple airport / time thread, you can ask a moderator to help you via PM :) Ill also try to make it to the KLAX-KSFO Flight :)

But this is how you do it

Event Title @ICAO - DayTimeZMonthYear

Example - KLAX Flyout @ KLAX - 311700ZDEC18

31 if the day was the 31st, the Zulu time of the event, 1700Z, the abbreviation of the month its in and the two last numbers of the year DEC18

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ok thanks! (yessss)

and i also saw u in youtube tho so are u going to make a vid or live?

Let’s try this again. Please utilize the link that Blitz included to format your topic and title according to the guidelines. Thanks!

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